Notable Cases

U.S. v. Felix-Osuna (2018)
Case involved possession of 5lbs. of methamphetamine – client sentenced to 3 years probation.

State v. Turigliatto (2015)
Case in Tooele county involving 80 pounds of marijuana-legal issues raise, case reduced to class b misdmeanor-no jail.

State v. Morales (2015)
Case in Tooele county – attempted homicide and aggravated robbery – reduced to misdemeanor – no jail

State v. Milton (2015)
Salt Lake County, 250 pounds marijuana, result 60 days jail

State v. Woolf (2015)
Case in Iron County – felony possession, result plea in abeyance, no conviction

State v. Woodward (2015)
Case in Salt Lake County – possession of 40 pounds marijuana – reduced to misdemeanor, no jail

State v. Maak (2015)
Case in Salt Lake County – possession of eleven kilos marijuana – reduced to misdmeanor, no jail

State v. Rhondu-100 lbs. of marijuana-prior felonies (2013)
45 days jail, no fine, no probation.

State v Strauss (2013)
Possession 22 lbs. marijuana
Misdemeanor-no jail

State v. Roman (2012)
Capital Homicide
Not Guilty

State v Fletcher (2012)
66 pounds of marijuana
Case dismissed after Court probation-no jail

State of Wyoming v. Stone (2011)
17 counts of sexual abuse of minors
Jury trial-not guilty on all counts

St. v. Oppegard (2011)
200 lbs. marijuana
Misdemeanor-no jail

State of Idaho v. Villalobos (2011)
Multi-ounce cocaine sale
Evidence issues developed by counsel-case dismissed

State v. Tackett (2011)
Possession of 140 lbs of marijuana
Search issue raised, client pled to misdemeanor with no jail time

State v. Preston (2011)
Possession of Marijuana with Intent (70 lbs.)
Search Issue, Case Dismissed

State v. Nelson (2009)
Captial Homicide
Life Without Parole

State v. Murphy (2008)
Possession of Marijuana with Intent (100lbs)
Search Issue, Case Dismissed

U.S. v. Dudley (2008)
Possession of a Firearm by a Restricted Person
Jury Verdict – Not Guilty